Passionate about Swings

Because we love play, design and extraordinary experiences

– world of swings –

There are best-view-swings all around the world and we should have more of them. Public space can be our playground no matter how old we are. Imagine Swings is constantly looking for new swing spots in urban and rural environments, motivated and inspired by this swing gallery.

– indoor swings –

Sitting on swings isn't only for kids. Swings provide relaxation and fun for everyone. Seeing swings as furniture we are working on various different swing designs that fit in urban surroundings, private or holiday homes, offices and anywhere you might want to add a playful touch.

– swing vision –

Not everyone is able to travel to amazing places with breathtaking views. So let's bring the places and views to them by combining real body experience (swing) with virtual experience (VR-Headsets) to provide visionary holiday trips without having to actually leave home!

"Up in the air over Andalusia"

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Indoor Swings

A new category of furniture

Swings should not only be playthings for kids and adults alike, but be seen as modern furniture to be enjoyed by all who lay eyes upon them. Different designs will fit a variety of styles and needs in several indoor environments like offices, waiting areas, private homes or holiday residencies. In a nice and subtle way they compliment modern architecture and celebrate space and time. They are the perfect invitation to take a moment to relax and free your mind.

Swing Vision

The marriage of swings and the world of virtual reality.

This concept will enable people to have a phenomenal swing experience without having to go far. Besides a swing "spa" where people could go to relax and escape the pressures of modern life Swing Vision will mainly be used to bring the wonderful world outside to people who cannot travel or get out much. The infirm – like chronic patients for example – or elderly will be able to enjoy the immersive virtual experience of being on a swing in some of the most amazing places on the planet, even the cosmos! By visiting hospitals and retirement homes, Swing Vision can bring that childlike feeling of freedom and joy back to those who need it most.

The Story

Passion, fun and personal incentive

I’m Sinja and I'm the founder of Imgine Swings. No doubt, you've heard something along the lines of, “Follow your passion, live your dreams!”. “Whatever you can imagine you can create.” Well, as I'm a product designer, imagining and creating is my job. Not only that, it's my passion. I imagine a lot. But the thing I like to do most is

Imagine Swings.

It all started 2017 when I moved from Germany to Spain for a year. As a moving in present from Chris I got a swing on the terrace of our little house which overlooked the gorgeous rolling hills of La Peña located on the Southernmost tip of Spain. Most mornings, with the sun rising up over the hills, I’d sit on my swing and enjoy my coffee all the while letting my eyes wander over the beautiful landscape before me, gently swinging back and fourth. It is, by far, the best way I’ve ever started my days!

We’d frequently walk our dogs in the hills behind the house and it was there I found another place that would be perfect for another swing. It had a view of the hills, Tarifa town, the two oceans (Mediterranean meeting Atlantic) and in the distance, Morocco with its many layers of mountains stretching back as far as the eye can see. I set to work immediately on bringing my vision to life using the few tools and spare materials that we had. Before too long I’d brought my idea to life!

I didn’t know it at the time but many people from the town and who were just visiting ended up finding the swing and really enjoyed the experience it had to offer. It - pleasantly - surprised me one day to find someone who I’d never met have a photo of themselves on the swing as their social media profile picture! Word had spread about the swing and now more and more people wanted to experience it. This, plus Chris’ persistent encouragement to pursue my passion in life, lead me to finally make the decision I knew deep down I wanted to make - I was going to put as many swings out in the world as I could and push the image of a swing being for kids to being a playful piece of furniture for everyone. Since then, the concept of Imagine Swings is developing to find different ways of how swings can be brought to people – especially adults who stopped playing on them when they grew up.